Meet Suzanne Lucas, the extraordinary jazz singer from Brooklyn, NY who captivates audiences with her unparalleled ability to craft each song into a unique masterpiece. In the world of jazz, her spellbinding phrasing and soulful interpretation, weaves stories through her music like no other. Suzanne has been captivating audiences with her unique blend of jazz, blues, and folk since she was a young woman.

The Hot Boyz: Suzanne’s performances are elevated by the mesmerizing accompaniment of “The Hot Boyz.” Berklee graduate “Ruffus” multi-instrumentalist on piano, saxophone, melodica, flute and more. His fingers dance across the keys and instruments, adding depth and dimension to every note. “James Vernardo”, an exceptional drummer, grew up playing music in the church, and studied at Southern University,Baton Rouge LA He provides the intrinsic rhythmic foundation, infusing each piece with energy and precision. Jazzy Hot Boy-Glenn Paladino , a New Hampshire native is a talent on keyboards, and left hand bass, and he’s a singing tenor with a rich and playful upbeat voice, adding his own jazz and pop tunes to the mix of magic.

The Black Box Duo:

Suzanne and Ruffus are magic together. They are able create and improvise on the spot  with their own unique style and composition on  songs you’ve heard before, but with a twist. It’s like watching music mastery before your eyes. To watch this interaction between two stellar musicians is  sure to move and inspire you.

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